Friday, 27 May 2016

Pretty pearls and lace

A pretty little cake for a spring wedding, We trimmed this beauty up with double satin bridal white ribbon overlaid with a simple strip of lace then piped on hundreds of individual pearls.
Shimmering the pearls after they were set helped to compliment the shimmer of the ribbon and to make the pearls more pearl like.
A gorgeous little posy of delicate flowers sat on the top four inch tier and we took a single flower to sit lower down the cake. I do this often when there are flowers on top as it helps to tie the topper in with the rest of the cake and also if they are fresh flowers, to tie the cake in with the rest of the day.

This simple cake is so versatile and can be changed in so many ways to compliment individual weddings- colour of ribbon, colour of pearls, lace or no lace, flowers...
As I sit here and type this post on a delightfully blue sky day, I think a perfect filling for this cake would our gorgeous lemon cake with lemon curd and lemon cream.

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Love Swags

Lovely Caroline and her now husband Alun got married at the ever stunning Inglewood manor. Caroline and I met along with her future mother in law to talk cake and after chatting for a while we had a few ideas of the style that would fit her special day- which turned out was less than a month after out first meeting!

Caroline decided upon a three tier cake with icing swags that appear to fall down each tier like fabric. A single three inch set of pillars added a little extra height and sitting on top was a pretty little arrangement made by Earth flowers. Luckily there was one extra which we pinned on to the top of the second swag which helped bring a splash of colour to the lower tiers of cake.
I love the idea that the love sign was Caroline's something borrowed from her Nan.
Alun's contribution to the wedding was this very fine looking double decker bus which transported all their friends from the local village pub to the church in the centre of town and then on to the venue.
I think it's a fabulous idea and a great way to have all the guests arriving in one go- and a very good contribution from the groom. It looked great sitting in the centre of town when I drove past later that day.

I wish you all the best for your future together you lovely people. Thank you for choosing us to be part of your big day!


Monday, 18 April 2016

Perfect pink birdcage

I just love the delicateness of this six tier cake. It's not often that those two words go together- delicate and six tiered. But the colour and the handmade lace decoration along with the domed top tier all help to make  it so.
The addition of piped pearls to pick out the design, a few tiny pieces of sparkle to enhance and the pinning on of three beautiful fresh roses and the look is so delicate that you forget the size of this stunning cake.
We finished the cake by trimming up the base boards with a simple bridal white double satin ribbon as it was the perfect ending without detracting from the cake design.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Wrapped purple ribbons

This cake was made for my cousins wedding so I was able to see the cake on display for the entire day until it was sadly taken away- weirdly after it disappeared some sliced up cake on platters appeared. Unrelated I would prefer to assume- until I remember back to my beautiful cousin and her new husband yielding a cake knife to make their token cut.

Each of the tables at the reception had beautiful displays of flowers in the centre. Using the same flowers to decorate the cake is always a fantastic way of making the cake feel like a part of the day as much as everything else and this cake is no exception.
I have to say I was very proud of my colour match from afar having only word of mouth from my other cousin who almost blended into the cake with her Maid of honour dress!
I can't wait to see the rest and the more professional images of the big day.
Thank you Lis and Dan for letting us be part of your big day!

Tan, beads and a swag of roses

We made this five tier beauty on a hot summers day last year. Light hand coloured tan icing on two tiers with delicate white hand piped bead work. The white icing on the alternate tiers hold a secret from afar and then close up... handmade roses which adorn each of the similar coloured icing tiers.
A stunningly simple cake for a stunning couple and what a setting! Thornton Manor's lakeside marquee on a gloriously hot summer day.

The you know what cake

I met with a gorgeously happy couple to discuss their wedding three weeks before the big day! They had seen a few of our designs online which they liked but needed a little tweaking to suit their big day perfectly.
After the main design of lace panelling with piped overlay to compliment Jacquelie's dress, we said goodbye to David who went to take a walk while Jacquie described the finer details to us.
Along with the stunning lace work on her dress there was a beautifully intricate snowflake which she wanted to be translated into icing in pride of place on the cake.
When it came to the order form and the final details being written down, the lovely bride looked at me and said of the extra special part, 'you know what(!)'. And that's how it was left, the most secretive order form I've ever written was signed by both and David didn't even 'know what' he was signing for 'til his big day!  
I love the way the chocolate brown ribbon compliments the mocha custom coloured icing and the white piping of the delicate detailed snowflake is lifted by the white of the lace panelling with piping detail.
I saw Jacquelie when we delivered the cake and she may actually have been the happiest bride I have ever seen! I just love these pictures sent to me by the happy couple, thank you lovely people for sharing these images and for selecting us to make your cake!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

A cake for a..?

While we have galleries on our website and cakes are placed in either of them, we say that they are just ideas and are there for inspiration and as a guide to what we can produce. We can absolutely make a larger or smaller version of most of the cakes on our website. And we often do.

Our chocolate Cigarellos cake with rich Belgian chocolate buttons can be amended as it is and rather than just buttons can have all manner of chocolate piled high on each of the tiers. Or can be copied as a smaller version for a Birthday cake with simple shavings of chocolate or piles of tasty chocolates! Such a simple cake but so completely delicious.


And as a twist, our little bow tie cake was originally made for a baby shower for little Juneaux who was not quite born yet, and based on her clever Mum’s wonderfully designed invitations; which we took great inspiration from. In fact once the cake was made, delivered and eaten, we missed it so much that it’s bigger sister was made for the showroom the week after. Although this could always be a delightful Birthday cake too! Or, with different colours and although hard to believe as it is currently so bright, this would be a great addition to a slightly vintage themed wedding…

And what about this box Birthday cake that we made?! A single tier turned into a three tier cake of stacked boxes! Just look at that sumptuous bow and sparkling locket which is all completely edible!